The Challenge

In May 2014 four adventurous athletes will stand at the foot of Wales’ highest mountain ready to run to it’s summit and back down again. But this will only be the first part of a challenge that will then see them cycle to the foot of England’s and then Scotland’s highest mountains before running to the top of each one.  A total distance of over 46 km of off road running and 677 km of cycling in one continuous event.

The four Challengers (Chrissie Wellington, Alex Prince, Marcus Mumford and Matt Edwards), all based in Bristol, have a good level of experience in more conventional endurance events, but this challenge is beyond what any of them have done before, and they are all too aware of what it will take to finish; good planning, strong legs and lungs, mental stamina, a comfortable saddle, plenty of cake and a great sense of humour!

This is a self-organised fundraising event.  The team are doing it for the challenge, for the adventure, for fun, and to raise money and awareness for two exceptional charities: The Rainbow Trust, who support the families of terminally ill children in the UK; and Jole Rider, who run cycling development projects for children in the Gambia.


Snowdon Run Profile – 13km, 850m climbing

snowdon profile

Bike Route from Snowdon to Great Langdale

Snowdon to Langdale

Bike Route Profile from Snowdon to Great Langdale – 270km, 2470m climbing

Snowdon to Langdale Profile

Scafell Pike Run Route

Scafell run route

Scafell Pike Run Profile – 17.5km, 1060m climbing.

Scafell run profile

Bike Route from Borrowdale to Glen Nevis

Scafell to BN Route

Bike Route Profile from Borrowdale to Glen Nevis – 407km, 4150m Climbing

Scafell to BN Profile

Ben Nevis Run Route Profile – 16.2km, 1400m climbing

Ben Nevis profile

6 thoughts on “The Challenge

  1. Flipping heck!! I run this event as part of my work with clients in between 5 & 8 days. The very best of luck and speed to you all, amazing effort – and watch out for snow on top of the Ben!

      • Hey Marcus, just read that you are having to train on a turbo – no bad thing in this weather and when injured. Took the same approach in 2010 for the inaugural RideAcrossBritain building to 4hrs sessions during the cold winter months giving enough space for at least 2DVD’s my friends thought i was completely nuts. My recommendation for a best turbo film ‘ Breaking Away’ probably the best cycling film ever..

  2. Have you considered turning North at Llanwrst and going East along the coast rather than adding all that height gain? It should work out a slightly shorter distance to Chester going that way.

    We are planning a far slower challenge (5 days), but in fancy dress (drag) carrying dental equipment to the top of each peak to do some elevated dentistry to raise money for Dentaid and the Army Benevolent Fund in August, so appreciate exactly how hard you guys must be working.

    You may have the best Triathletes, but we have the UKs champion wife carrier on our team!

    Good luck.

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